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Crowdfunding in Brussels

Crowdfunding is a relatively recent form of funding whereby (new) entrepreneurs, organisations and individuals with little or no chance of accessing traditional funding channels are able to raise an initial part of their required funding online from the general public, after which they can more easily approach professional investors such as banks.


Teaching women to program: our duty

Bedigital is not only a catchy name for a website, but first and foremost a call to the population, our companies and our schools: be digital. If the region wants to be and remain a competitive player on the international stage, we must create a healthy IT landscape that involves as many people as possible in digitisation. 



Nicolas De Laet and Yannick Vereerstraten met at Solvay Brussels Schools of Economics and Management in 2003. One was already an enthusiastic sailor. The other was yet to sail. The former converted the latter and many crossings later, they created Sailsense together, a start-up offering a navigational aid system.


Brussels Social

In 2017, the Social Coordination and Documentation Centre (SCDC) acquired “Brussels Social”, a “social” card for making social information known in the Brussels-Capital Region. The Brussels Social portal, subsidised by COCOM and produced by the BRIC, is intended to be an effective virtual gateway to organisations and services (French-speaking, Dutch-speaking and bilingual) active in the social and health field.



It is the story of a young lawyer of Israeli origin trained in Great Britain and who arrived in Brussels in the middle of the nineties to do his MBA. Twenty years later he is still here. He turned it  into his home and established his career here and for the last three years, he has been the co-founder and CEO of CommuniThings, a start-up specialised in smart parking…



MolenGeek is an open space for young people motivated to develop their digital project, whether they be amateurs or professionals. This space, located two minutes away from the town square of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, also offers coding training for young job-seekers and organises hackathons, such as the #BrusselsTechCare,…