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More and more cultural or artistic initiatives are closely linked to computer applications. Innovative ICT solutions can add value to the cultural experience. We are looking for interesting ICT events or projects that can take place in our Region in 2017 linking culture and computing. These events/projects must provide increased support for the development of the Region towards a Smart City.


The call for projects is addressed to non-profit organisations and associations in the Brussels-Capital Region who organise projects or (socio)cultural events aimed at promoting digital inclusion.

To qualify for this grant, the project or cultural event must be organised in 2017 in the Brussels-Capital Region. It must involve an innovative ICT project, the aim of which will be to contribute to solving social problems expressed by Brussels citizens in the fields of culture, sociocultural programmes or creative leisure activities. This participative element (digital inclusion) is the main theme of this call for projects.


Grant applications for this call for projects must be submitted before 10 April 2017. The decision to grant or refuse the application will be communicated as from 10 May 2017. Grant applications must be submitted in writing to the following address:

Brussels Regional Public Service

IT Coordination Department

City Centre Offices

Boulevard du Jardin Botanique 20 1035 BRUSSELS

Your grant application must also be sent to the following address: itcoordination{à} The grant application form and project budget must be submitted in Word format and the appendices in PDF format.

An acknowledgement of receipt of your request will be sent to you by e-mail.

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Smart City Labs (Vzw Gluon)

The Gluon Summer Lab 2017 and the Gluon Winter Lab 2018 are organised around the theme of smart cities. Gluon wants to encourage young people to think about the possibilities that innovation and technological developments bring. That’s why they organise a workshop twice a year, for one week, with participants aged between 14 and 18 who will work on the intelligent use of technology in the city by learning to code, use sensors and familiarise themselves with the equipment of a Fablab (laser cutting machine, 3D printer, etc.). The objective is to make young people develop an application that helps improve the urban environment.

Contact: Fleur Wirtz

Quand les zoziaux (Vzw Gemeenschapscentrum De Kriekelaar)

“Quand les zoziaux” is a social and digital city game designed in Schaerbeek. Created by Thomas Laureyssens, the game’s sparrows are part of the Internet of Things (IoT), since they light up when a passer-by whistles in front of them and are linked to a website where sparrow activity can be tracked. In 2016, the inhabitants of the commune were encouraged to promote their sparrow (among the 4 sparrows implemented in the commune) through a street party, choreography, etc. In 2016, the inhabitants of the commune were encouraged to promote their sparrow (among the 4 sparrows implemented in the commune). In 2017, Gemeenschapcentrum De Kriekelaar wishes to use a mobile version of the sparrow as an urban acupuncture tool through a large number of small actions in festivals, markets and schools of the municipality to give impetus to the dynamics of the local districts.

Contact: Leen Rossignol

Critical workshops on video games (Asbl Forest Quartiers Santé)

Understanding video games means educating young people about this medium, deciphering its writing, deconstructing its messages, analysing how it works and ultimately giving them the tools they need to adopt a thoughtful and civic attitude in their practice of what is now a true culture.

The critical workshops on video games will initially aim to exchange experiences related to the medium, as well as debates on its representations. In a second phase, the young people will start to create a video game concept before embarking on the design of a small group game using simple access and open source tools that will be presented.

Contact: Bruno Vankelegom

Think Twice: Together (Vzw de Kaai)

The application “Think Twice: Together” will use the application “Think Twice: Puzzle” to build a game that will allow residents of Brussels to play against people from the rest of Belgium and the world to deconstruct preconceived ideas about Brussels. Thanks to the contribution of a group of digitally open senior citizens and the collaboration of the creators of “Think Twice: Puzzle”, De Kaai will be responsible for game-testing this new application to make it as accessible as possible. This new version will allow all new players to discover both parts of the Think Twice game.

Contact: Bart Van Walle

Citizen.Com (Vzw Crew), created by the Brussels collective CREW, is an interactive experience, which aims to immerse the inhabitants of the capital in the intimate space of another. This experience is made possible thanks to HeadSwap technology (consisting of sensors, cameras and detectors), which allows the citizen’s conscience to be extended and an ecologically inspired reflection on the future to be initiated, transforming the citizen into an active participant.

Contact: Irina Leskovskaya

NOVA XX (Asbl Patrimoine et culture – Halles Saint-Géry)

NOVA XX is the first exhibition dedicated to scientific, technological and digital innovation in “women’s” mode. The NOVA XX Competition will aim to open the scope of possibilities for women and future women entrepreneurs in the ICT and STEM sectors. It aims to bring together technological innovations, particularly through contemporary art, but also by meeting with female founders of start-ups.

Contact: Stéphanie Pecourt

Victor Horta interpretation centre (Asbl Musée Horta)

In 2018, the Horta Museum wishes to offer its visitors an interpretation centre that will give pride of place to new technologies and digital applications to explain the life and work of the master, but also to show how he has left his mark on the urban fabric of Brussels and that he continues to enchant those who stroll in the shade of his façades.

Contact: Benjamin Zurstrassen

Closing Date: 10 April 2017

Contact: itcoordination{à}